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How do I use people's characters and outfits, etc. in Sex Sim?

Solution If you download something for Sex Sim from a user it generally comes in zip file format. To use them you'll need to unzip the file to your Sex Sim folder. See this page for information on how to do that if you don't know how.

Usually the zip files are made so everything goes into the right place, but sometimes things end up in places where you need to move them around for them to work, depending on how the creator made their zip file.

If you need help with a specific item just ask ithe author of the file in question, and they will more than likely be happy to help you out.

Once you've done a couple you'll get used to it, it's easy. :)

The following information was contributed by user mech1...

Check the ZIP file and if there isn't any directories, you will have to:

for Clothes:
  • Find the install folder of the game (default is C:\Sex Sim\).
  • Inside locate directory \Runtime\user_created\
  • Extract the ZIP file somewhere.
  • Copy Name.xml file into \clothes\info\
  • Copy Name_t-b.png, Name_t-t.png and z_Name_t-b.png into \clothes\
  • Copy tn_o_Name.png into \clothes\thumbs\

  • C:\Sex Sim\Runtime\user_created\clothes\info\Fishnet-Body.xml
  • C:\Sex Sim\Runtime\user_created\clothes\thumbs\tn_o_Fishnet-Body.png
  • C:\Sex Sim\Runtime\user_created\clothes\Fishnet-Body_t-b.png
  • C:\Sex Sim\Runtime\user_created\clothes\Fishnet-Body_t-t.png
  • C:\Sex Sim\Runtime\user_created\clothes\z_Fishnet-Body_t-b.png

for Girls
  • Find the install folder of the game (default is C:\Sex Sim\).
  • Inside locate directory \Runtime\user_created\
  • Extract the ZIP file somewhere.
  • Copy f-Name.xml file into \characters\
  • Copy tn_f_Name.png into \thumbs\
  • Copy meter_Name.png into \thumbs\m\

  • C:\Sex Sim\Runtime\user_created\characters\f-Kate.xml
  • C:\Sex Sim\Runtime\user_created\characters\thumbs\tn_f_Kate.png
  • C:\Sex Sim\Runtime\user_created\characters\thumbs\m\meter_kate.png
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