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How to install Veronica into Sex Sim

Solution If you have purchased Veronica from BabeSoul, here is how to install her. Because she is a character from a third-party company, she won't auto-install as do official characters.

1. Log in to your account on

2. You should see a list of orders you've made on the site. Click "View" to view the details for the Veronica order.

3. At the bottom of the details page you'll see a link that says "Veronica.rar". Click that to download the Veronica file.

4. When you are ready and the file is downloaded to your computer, you'll need to extract it into your Sex Sim directory. Veronica's file comes in "RAR" format. Please see this page if you don't know how to extract a RAR file.

5. Double click the file and choose to extract it to the same place you have Sex Sim installed. For default Sex Sim installations, choose the "C:\" drive as the folder to extract to.

6. When you log into Sex Sim after extracting the file, you should see Veronica in your character list.

NOTE: If you don't see Veronica after this, then please verify that you extracted her files to the correct place. Take a look in your "Sex Sim\Runtime\user_created\characters\" directory and make sure there is a file there named "f-Veronica.xml". If not then you'll need to extract the file again, this time making sure to choose the correct place to extract it.
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