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The Sex Sim Output Log and how to use it


Sex Sim has a special file known as the output log that keeps track of any errors that may happen during use.

If you are having troubles with the sim and can't determine the cause of those troubles on your own then you'll need to send your output log to us in a support ticket.

For best results, run Sex Sim and let it hang or crash right before you send the log. That will make sure it's the latest version of the log and will contain the errors that caused the crash.

To attach your output log to a support ticket, please follow these steps:

  1. Start a new support ticket on this page, OR reply to a ticket thread you've already started.

For SexSim Classic:

  1. Look for the section titled "Attachments:" on the ticket page, and then click the Browse button to open the file window.
  2. Find the location where you installed Sex Sim, which is most likely "C:\Sex Sim\".
  3. Find the folder inside that location called "sexsim_Data" and double click to enter it. Inside that folder you will find a file named "output_log.txt" or simply "output_log" on some computer setups.
  4. Click the output_log file and then hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard.
    Finish filling out the ticket information and submit.

For SexSim 2:

  1. Run the program called "Support_Output Log Viewer" (in your SexSim2 installation folder)
  2. Select and copy the resulting text.
  3. Paste it into your ticket and submit.
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