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Tech Help

Q. How do I get my Add-ons to show up in SexSim?
A. When you log in to the game your add-ons should automatically install. After that they will show up in the game. If they don't then please visit our Sex Sim Helpdesk.

Q. Where can I get help with a specific problem?
A. Please visit our Sex Sim Helpdesk for help and support.

Getting Started

Q. Is this game really free?
A. Yes, SexSim is free to use.  You can download, install, and play it as much as you like completely free of charge.

Q. Do I have to register to use SexSim?
A. Yes, you must register for an account to use SexSim.  Registering is free and only takes a few minutes.

Q. I can't get into the My Account area.   It keeps saying my password is wrong.
A. Make sure you are entering your username and password exactly as they appear in the email you got after registering.   The best way to do this is to copy the info directly from the email and paste it into the password box.   If you don't know how to copy and paste on your computer, please see this helpful video: how to cut, copy, and paste to find out how.

Q. What's at the Add-ons Shop and how do I get it?
A. Our Add-ons Shop has extra items for players who want to customize their SexSim experience.  Players can use Peach Points to get that special something they've had their eye on.

Q. How often is Sex Sim updated?
A. We update as often as we can, and dependent on what we're trying to fit into an update. Our primary focus is on quality and not quantity, so we don't hold to a regular "bang it out" schedule, although we do try to get something cool out every month or so. Some updates take longer than others, but you can rest assured that each one brings something interesting to Sex Sim.

Q. What are Peach Points and how do I get them?
A. Peach Points are the credits players use to get extra items for SexSim from the Add-ons Shop. To purchase Peach Points please visit

Q. When will SexSim be available for Mac?
A. We are working hard to get the Mac version ready.  Check back often for the latest news.

Q. Does Sex Sim work with Linux?
A. Yes, it does indeed, if you use Wine.

Game Play

Q. What are the "hot keys"?
A. Press the following in the game to do stuff:

END: Insta-quit!
TAB: Show\Hide interface
F12: Take screenshot

Q. How do I control the camera with the mouse?
A. Use the right mouse button to rotate, the scroll wheel to zoom in and out, and the middle mouse button to pan around.

Q. Can I hide the in-game menus?
A. Yes, just use the Tab key to toggle the menus on and off. This is great for taking screenshots!

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