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Character Editor
Character Editor
The Character Editor add-on lets you make new characters for Sex Sim and share them with other users.

Sex Sim has always let people make new characters but up until now it's been a fairly difficult process, involving editing special files, making images, messing with zip files, etc. No more! With the Character Editor you can modify existing characters or create whole new ones with ease. Simple to use sliders and buttons allow for an incredible array of looks and styles.

Modify face and body shapes, nipples, body color, eyes, eyelashes, load your own *custom textures, bump mapping, *specularity textures, and more. When you're finished the system will automatically generate all required thumbnails... the character is ready to use as soon as you hit go.

You'll be amazed at how fun and easy it is!

Please note: The editor is for modifying and creating female characters. Catt (and other characters using the flat chested body type) is the only female character that it will not currently work with. The Character Editor will not modify breasts, pubic hair, or hair styles as those are already editable with their respective additional add-ons.

* Creating custom textures is for advanced users and required the use of an image editing program.

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