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Author Topic: Interactivity and price point  (Read 114603 times)


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Interactivity and price point
« on: December 12, 2019, 11:32:44 AM »
Not counting 3dxchat and several other successful online 3d sex services which currently run at least $30/month (even the venerable old 3dsexvilla2 is $30/month now) your main competition in the 3d sex babes category is House Party. 

At the moment the full House Party game consists of 13 characters (that's growing), many voiced lines, tons of interactive dialogue options, and lots of quests, for a grand total of $17 CDN.

At the moment the SS2 team is not even planning interactivity, we'll never be able to walk around a populated beach and walk up to a character and start talking to her. At the moment if I wanted to buy five characters, three pose packs, and three clothing packs that would all cost 18850 PPs. That's not including the environment editor which is 4500 PPs. To get those 18850 PPs I would have to spend at least $24 US. It's quite expensive given that there are only three poses per pack, only three sets of clothing per pack.

The whole game (including all the editors) should be in the $25 range. You're up against the age of free porn.

Hope you have a great holiday!


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