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Author Topic: NEED HELP?? - DO THIS BEFORE YOU MAKE A POST IN THIS SECTION...  (Read 17028 times)

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If you are having trouble with Sex Sim...

1. Try restarting your computer.

2. Make sure that you have installed Sex Sim into its proper place.  The default location is best (C:\Sex Sim) but you can install it somewhere else as long as it has "Sex Sim" as its folder.  For example, E:\Sex Sim, or E:\MyGames\Sex Sim, or C:\Sex Games\Sex Sim.  It is not recommended to install Sex Sim into the Program Files directory, as you might then need to run it as administrator, etc. on certain versions of Windows.

3. If the installer keeps asking for a second disk, please see this thread.

4. If the above fails... YOU MUST send your log report by going to the Help Desk and filing a ticket with your user log. See this Help Desk article for details: http://www.sexsim.com/helpdesk/knowledgebase.php?article=7


NOTE: In order for the log to be helpful, please do whatever it is in the sim that is causing trouble for you, and then exit the sim, and then send me the log after that.  This ensures that the log contains info about that specific problem.
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