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Stories / Another idea ... interactive stories?
« on: January 21, 2011, 03:49:21 AM »
First, congrats to NMM for thinking outside the box and getting the story thing going.

Looking forward to more instalments and other contributors on that score.

Got me thinking though...

I've recently been doing my usual anual sweep of the web to see what's new in erotic stuff and found some interesting interactive stories done by e.g. Shark's Lagoon (http://sharks-lagoon.fr/home/home_page.html).

This got me wondering if SexSim could do something similar?

As I imagine it, it would be like the Sequencer (in another well-known 3D product) but would allow the export of an interactive Flash movie.

Just an idea -- I guess it is also possible by simply recording sequences off of SexSim, but it would be an interesting option for later on down the line..?



Unofficial Sex Sim Support / Minor launch problem (crash)
« on: January 20, 2011, 02:38:59 AM »
Hi SexSim and Jak,

Just thought I'd report this minor bug.

Summary: Selecting text in the input boxes on launch (password/username) crashes the game.


    * What version of Windows you are using? Windows 7, 64-bit (native, not XP virtual)
    * What kind of graphics card you have. NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT
    * What resolution and graphics quality you are running the sim in. Windowed,  1152 x 864 , but see below.
    * As much detail as you can give about the problem, including what you did up to the point where it happened. See below
    * If you get an actual crash, you can send us the log report by going into the "Sex Sim\sexsim_Data" folder and then email us the "output_log.txt" file that you find in there, and let us know in your post that you sent it. Emailed!

How to replicate:

- Go to SexSim folder, launch SexSim.exe
- Choose windowed or full-screen, any resolution
- When the launch screen appears, asking for name and password, click anywhere in one of these boxes
- Press and hold "Shift" and then press "End"
- Some text is selected, but the window closes and SexSim terminates

I have not found any other keys that do this. If you leave the boxes alone or use other methods to replace/edit the values (to enter a new passwd, e.g.), then the game launches normally. I have been using SexSim on this PC with absolutely no problems in "Fantastic" graphics mode with no problems. I have also not changed any input keys.

One odd detail: my OS language is set to UK-EN, although my keyboard has a DE layout. No idea whether that's causing the problem?

I am using dual monitors, as another possibility?



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