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Author Topic: PPP v0.5 - My god, it's full of checkboxes  (Read 5242 times)


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PPP v0.5 - My god, it's full of checkboxes
« on: February 24, 2011, 08:03:41 AM »
I was going to wait for the update, but since that's taking a while... 

Pronzilla's People Permutor v0.5

This version is obsolete, look for a newer one elsewhere in this board...

Changes from last version:
  • control over which body, hair, eye and eyelash textures get used (so, if you want only brown-eyed redheads, you can arrange that now)
  • now remembers (most) settings from one run to the next (this is really useful if you've got loads of textures installed, but don't want to use all of them all the time.  Tweaking 20 tickyboxes every time can get rather tiresome)
  • Morphing tweaks:
    • changed the way body/butt sizing works, based on better knowledge of how the body/butt sizes interact (thanks for explaining it, Jak)
    • better morph ranges on female body 3/4
    • more tuning to not break animations

What is it?
Pronzilla's People Permutor is a totally, utterly, UNOFFICIAL, Java-based utility for Ripened Peach's SexSim. 

PPP creates random girls (only, for now) by mixing up the girls you have installed (body texture from one, hair from another, eyes from yet another, and so on).  It can also change the body proportions a bit.

It creates 10 files in /Sex Sim/Runtime/user_created/characters, named f-ppp_0.xml to f-ppp_9.xml, containing random girl definitions.  So, the next time you start up SS, you'll see 10 extra girls named "ppp 0" to "ppp 9".  I'm sure you can figure things out from there.

PLEASE NOTE:                                                         


How do I install it?

First, if you don't have one already, you're going to need to install a Java runtime from http://www.java.com/

Once you have that installed, just create a directory somewhere on your system and put the ppp.jar file in it.  Anywhere on the system will do, but the closer it is to your SexSim directory, the less work it will have to do when you first run it (see below)   

Double-click the ppp.jar file to run it. 

Note for Windows 7/Vista people

Sexsim keeps its "user_created" data in its program directory.  If you installed sexsim in the "program files" directory, and you run as a "normal" (non-admin) user, that means that PPP won't be able to write directly to those directories, because Windows protects them from editing to avoid things getting accidentally trashed.   

There are two ways to work around this:
  • PPP will detect that it's being blocked.  It will then write the files elsewhere instead, and you can manually copy the files into place.  (ppp will tell you where to copy them to/from).
  • I am told (but have not tested myself) that if you put PPP actually in the sexsim directory, things will work (This tricks windows into thinking ppp is part of sexsim, and cuts it some slack)

What does it do?

The first time you run it, it'll go hunting across your system for your copy of SexSim, and record that location in a ppp.properties file next to the ppp.jar, ready for next time.  This bit might take a little while, but it only happens once.

Once it's found Sex Sim, it'll scan the /Sex Sim/Runtime/characters directory to see what it's got to play with.

Finally, it generates the custom xml character files. 

The whole thing (excluding finding Sex Sim on first run) should take no more than a second or two.

Along the way, it will also spit out a ppp.log file in the same directory as the .jar file.  You probably don't care about that - it's just a slightly-more-detailed record of what gets shown in the log window.

Things I'd like to add someday

(disclaimer: inclusion in this list doesn't guarantee I'm ever going to actually add a feature, just that I'm thinking about maybe doing it some day)

  • support for new stuff added in the forthcoming update
  • some sort of controls for jewellery
  • permuting/morphing males (this may take a while, and I probably won't start until jak publishes the xml/texture file details)
  • internationalization (this will also take a while)
  • support for choosing which teeth textures get used (if and when I see any teeth textures that are actually different from the basic one)

Any requests?
If there's anything you'd like that's not in the above list, feel free to post it here.  No promises, but I'll see what I can do...

The files
ppp.jar is the program itself.
history.txt is just a list of what got added in what version, including bug fix descriptions.  probably very dull, but included for completeness.

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Please remix my stuff! Use anything I've posted here as the base for your own work.  Please post it here too!

Want more girls?  Pronzilla's People Permutor makes more by mixing up the ones you've already got

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Re: PPP v0.5 - My god, it's full of checkboxes
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2011, 03:44:51 PM »
Nice!  I finally had a chance to check this out today and it's awesome as usual.  I like all the new options, very cool.  It even came up with a girl that I'm thinking of using as the basis for a new character.  Good job. :)


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