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Author Topic: xX Badass Environments, Up-Close Texturing & Custom Objects Xx  (Read 5690 times)


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  • This is a tasty little sim.
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First of all, I'd like to commend the creators of this simulation.
It's great and I love the simplicity of the customization and options.
You guys have pretty much honed the character creation for females well enough.

But it needs just a few things.

1.) Bad-Ass Environments
Sex in the bedroom is bland, honestly.  I got two emo chicks eating eachother out, but their environment lacks sluttiness. It's intimate, sure... but it doesn't remind me of somewhere acts of pure debautchery would happen.

Environments should have 2 feelings: Exoticness and Raunchiness.

I suggest environments such as:

2.) Close-Up Texturing

There's gotta be a way to have a separate higher-res texture file for a woman's personal area. I want to see the details, every nook and cranny, every drop of lube, every fibre of her being. It would be useful especially in scenarios where you're playing the partner. But the Texture would only render when close up, to save on memory.

These are just a few thoughts of mine. Of course, custom objects (like environment furniture and sex toys) would be quite useful.
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How can it be rape if both you and I know you're loving it?


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